Stay Current 2023

The GSS email list (google group) receives “Stay Current” articles (excerpts and links to the source articles). To receive them email with subject line “Join GSS”. Please give your city, state, country, and your school (if you’re a teacher). See also “Stay Current” links in each book’s Contents table. Some news sources limit the […]

TG Ecosystem Change

{ GSS Teacher Guide Index } { All GSS Books } _____________________________________________ Objectives [] Planning [] Assessment [] Resources Guides for each Chapter: 1 – 2 – 3– 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 Teaching Objectives Ecosystem Change addresses the topic of the natural interaction of organisms in their environment and the affect human […]

Teacher Guide for GSS

{ To GSS Books } TEACHER GUIDE CONTENTS Introduction 1. Map of the GSS Course 4. How Can I Customize GSS for My Students? 7. How is GSS Related to Science Education Reform? 2. What is Global Systems Science? 5. What Teaching Methods Should I Use? 8. How Was GSS Created? 3. What Will My […]

EF2. Why Do Volcanoes Erupt?

Chapter 2 { Energy Flow Contents } It was Harry Truman’s last day on Earth. That’s Harry Truman from Washington State—not Harry Truman, the former President from Washington D.C. They were unrelated, but they had more in common than their names. Both were men of principle. Both were decisive. And neither one of them would […]

EC7C. Stay Current—Neighborhood and Global Stewardship

Staying current for Chapter 7 See also articles from{2008–2021} and {1998–2007} See non-chronological resources for this chapter. { Ecosystem Change Contents } 2023-09-01. Can Plastic Recycling Ever Really Work? [] By Susan Shain, The New York Times. Excerpt: Jan Dell …collects what she calls “bad plastic containers.” …Her specimens include lids from oatmeal canisters, cups […]

EC7C. 1998–2007 Neighborhood and Global Stewardship

Staying current for Chapter 7 Articles from 1998–2007 Stay current index page for Chapter 7 { Ecosystem Change Contents } 2007 December 22. As Cars Hit More Animals on Roads, Toll Rises. By JIM ROBBINS, NY Times. Excerpt: BOZEMAN, Mont. – On a dark highway near Anchorage, Specialist Steven Cavanaugh of the Army, who had survived 300 […]

EC6C. Stay Current—Carbon in the Biosphere

Staying current for Chapter 6 See also articles from{2009–2021}-{2002–2008} { Ecosystem Change Contents } Excellent video (15 minutes): Mountain Lions in Nebraska (2011)  Latest articles (2022–2023) 2023-09-11. Red fire ants, a dreaded pest, have invaded Europe. [] By Erik Stokstadt, Science. Excerpt: Last week, international experts warned that invasive species are costing the world economy almost half-a-trillion […]

EC6C. 2002–2008 Carbon in the Biosphere

Staying current for Chapter 6 Articles from 2002–2008 Stay current index page for Chapter 6 { Ecosystem Change Contents } 2008 Fall. Delta Blues. By Barry Yeoman, OnEarth. Excerpt: On this brisk, cloudless day, Tom Zuckerman and I are driving to his duck-hunting club on Rindge Tract, one of the low-slung rural islands that form the nucleus […]

EC5C. Stay Current—Carbon in the Biosphere

Staying current for Chapter 5 { Ecosystem Change Contents } 2023-07-17. Soil Fungi May Be a Carbon Pool. [] By Caroline Hasler, Eos/AGU. Excerpt: Mycorrhizal fungi—soil-dwelling fungi that exchange nutrients with plant roots—are important players in plant and soil health. A new study suggests they are also significant carbon pools. Researchers estimated that the fungi receive the equivalent […]

EC4C. Stay Current—Changes in the Global System

Staying current for Chapter 4 { Ecosystem Change Contents } See also: GSS Climate Change chapter 8, Losing Biodiversity chapters 5 (Soil, the Living Skin of the Earth), 7 (One Global Ocean), and 8 (Champions of a Sustainable World). 2023-09-13. Earth ‘well outside safe operating space for humanity’, scientists find. [] By Damian Carrington, The Guardian. Excerpt: …planetary […]