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EF4C. Stay Current—How Does the Sun Shine?

Staying current for Chapter 4 {Energy Flow Contents} See the Sun’s Chinese New Year dragon at the Space Weather website. Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) movie of “coronal rain” on the Sun. 2022-08-25. Brighter Skies Ahead—As solar max approaches, new tech is on call. [] By Heather Goss, Eos/AGU. Excerpt: …An impressive cadre of Sun-targeted missions has recently […]

PG8C. Stay Current—Choosing a World

Staying current for Chapter 8 See non-chronological resources { Population Growth Contents } 2021-04-12. ‘Sink into your grief.’ How one scientist confronts the emotional toll of climate change. By David Malakoff, Science Magazine. Excerpt: “I was trained to be calm, rational, and objective, to focus on the facts,” sustainability scientist Kimberly Nicholas recalls in her new book, Under […]

PG7C. Stay Current—Can We Limit Human Population Growth?

Staying current for Chapter 7 { Population Growth Contents } 2022-07-01. For scientists, Roe’s end raises concerns about personal safety and professional choices. [] By Katie Langin, Science Magazine. Excerpt: When the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on 24 June, eliminating the constitutional right to an abortion and handing decisions about abortion access to state legislators, the […]

PG5C. Stay Current—The Environmental Impact of Populations

Staying current for Chapter 5 See non-chronological resources { Population Growth Contents } 2022-08-18. Seeing Through Turbulence to Track Oil Spills in the Ocean. [] By Guillermo García-Sánchez,  Ana M. Mancho,  Antonio G. Ramos,  Josep Coca and  Stephen Wiggins, Eos/AGU. Excerpt: After oil and tar washed up on eastern Mediterranean beaches in 2021, scientists devised a way to trace the […]

PG4C. Stay Current—The History of Human Population Growth

Staying current for Chapter 4 See non-chronological resources { Population Growth Contents } 2019-09-17. Almost Everywhere, Fewer Children Are Dying. By Josh Katz, Alicia Parlapiano and Margot Sanger-Katz, The New York Times. [] Excerpt: Two decades ago, nearly 10 million children did not live to see a 5th birthday. By 2017, that number — about 1 in […]

PG3C. Stay Current—Population Reproduction, Growth, and Change Over Time

Staying current for Chapter 3 { Population Growth Contents } 2022-06-09. ‘Fantastic giant tortoise’ species thought extinct for 100 years found alive. [] By Sofia Quaglia, The Guardian. Excerpt: A rare Galápagos species, the “fantastic giant tortoise”, long thought extinct, has been officially identified for the first time in more than a century in what […]

PG2C. Stay Current—Patterns in Populations

Staying current for Chapter 2 { Population Growth Contents } 2019-10-11. Giant reptiles once ruled Australia. Their loss sparked an ecological disaster. By John Pickrell, Science Magazine. Excerpt: BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA—Saber-toothed cats, short-faced bears, and other ferocious mammals were the top predators of the ice age across most of the world. But not in Australia. Here, […]

PG6C. Stay Current—One Child

Staying current for Chapter 6 { Population Growth Contents } 2022-01-17. China’s Births Hit Historic Low, a Political Problem for Beijing. By Steven Lee Myers and Alexandra Stevenson, The New York Times. Excerpt: China announced on Monday that its birthrate plummeted for a fifth straight year in 2021, moving the world’s most populous country closer to the potentially […]

Bibliography for Population Growth

{ Population Growth Contents } { All GSS Books } Brown, Lester R., Building a Sustainable Society, W.W. Norton, 1981  Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Trends ’91, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 1992  Chen, Victor, Crisis of a Crowded World, Audubon, July-Aug., 1994  Coale, Ansley J., The History of the Human Population, Scientific American, Sept., 1974  […]