Stay Current 2023

The GSS email list (google group) receives “Stay Current” articles (excerpts and links to the source articles). To receive them email with subject line “Join GSS”. Please give your city, state, country, and your school (if you’re a teacher). See also “Stay Current” links in each book’s Contents table. Some news sources limit the […]

TG Life and Climate

{ GSS Teacher Guide Index } { All GSS Books } {} Objectives [] Assessment Guides for each Chapter: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 – 11 – 12 – 13 Teaching Objectives Life and Climate is about how our atmosphere and climate came to be as they […]

Teacher Guide for GSS

{ To GSS Books } TEACHER GUIDE CONTENTS Introduction 1. Map of the GSS Course 4. How Can I Customize GSS for My Students? 7. How is GSS Related to Science Education Reform? 2. What is Global Systems Science? 5. What Teaching Methods Should I Use? 8. How Was GSS Created? 3. What Will My […]

LC13C. Stay Current—What Does Earth’s Past Tell Us About Our Future?

Staying current for Chapter 13 { Life and Climate Contents } 2023-03-16. Tonga Eruption May Temporarily Push Earth Closer to 1.5°C of Warming. [] By J. Besl, Eos/AGU. Excerpt: The underwater eruption of Hunga Tonga–Hunga Ha‘apai sent megatons of water vapor into the stratosphere, contributing to an increase in global warming over the next 5 […]

LC11C. Stay Current—Climate and Human Evolution

Staying current for Chapter 11 { Life and Climate Contents } 2024-01-08. Strong monsoons may have carved a path for early humans out of Africa. [] By BRIDGET ALEX, Science. Excerpt: More than 140,000 years ago, East Asia was a much colder, drier place than today—a landscape that likely deterred many African creatures, humans among […]

LC10C. Stay Current—The Ice Ages

Staying current for Chapter 10 { Life and Climate Contents } 2024-05-31. Geothermal spa helped temperate plants survive the last ice age. By JAN HOŠEK et al, Science. Summary: Around 20,000 years ago, the land we now call Europe was almost entirely encased in ice. It was near the end of what scientists refer to as […]

LC8C. Stay Current—Highs and Lows Over the Past 750 Million Years

Staying current for Chapter 8 See non-chronological resources (bottom of this page) { Life and Climate Contents } 2023-07-12. Massive lava outburst may have led to Snowball Earth. [] By Maia Wei-Haas, Science. Excerpt: About 717 million years ago, a climate catastrophe struck the planet, as temperatures plunged and glaciers enveloped the globe. The cause […]

LC7C. Stay Current—Earth’s Shifting Crust

Stay current for chapter 7 { Life and Climate Contents } 2023-11-08. Future Supercontinent Will Be Inhospitable for Mammals. [] By Rebecca Owen, Eos/AGU. Excerpt: It sounds like something from an apocalyptic sci-fi movie: Continents collide and trigger volcanic turmoil. Toxic gases fill the air. The planet becomes a hot desert devoid of life…in the […]

LC6C. Stay Current—How and When Did Complex Life Begin?

Stay current for chapter 6 { Life and Climate Contents } Understanding Evolution – a one-stop source for information on evolution.2019-11-14. Alien genes from bacteria helped plants conquer the land. By Elizabeth Pennisi, Science Magazine.  2024-03-07. Peering into the past to identify the species most at risk from climate change. [] By Erin Saupe, Cooper Malanoski, et al, […]