TG Life and Climate

{ GSS Teacher Guide Index } { All GSS Books } {} Objectives [] Assessment Guides for each Chapter: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 – 11 – 12 – 13 Teaching Objectives Life and Climate is about how our atmosphere and climate came to be as they […]

Teacher Guide for GSS

{ To GSS Books } TEACHER GUIDE CONTENTS Introduction 1. Map of the GSS Course 4. How Can I Customize GSS for My Students? 7. How is GSS Related to Science Education Reform? 2. What is Global Systems Science? 5. What Teaching Methods Should I Use? 8. How Was GSS Created? 3. What Will My […]

LC13C. Stay Current—What Does Earth’s Past Tell Us About Our Future?

Staying current for Chapter 13 { Life and Climate Contents } 2014-07-08. Blueprint for Taming the Climate Crisis. Excerpt: Here’s what your future will look like if we are to have a shot at preventing devastating climate change. Within about 15 years every new car sold in the United States will be electric. In fact, by midcentury more than […]

LC11C. Stay Current—Climate and Human Evolution

Staying current for Chapter 11 { Life and Climate Contents } 2022-11-07. Did a Chaotic Climate Drive Human Evolution? [] By Elise Cutts, Eos/AGU. Excerpt: A new 620,000-year climate record from East Africa reveals dramatic swings between wet and dry conditions that may have influenced human evolution. We owe much of our understanding of the […]

LC10C. Stay Current—The Ice Ages

Staying current for Chapter 10 { Life and Climate Contents } 2022-07-11. Precession Helped Drive Glacial Cycles in the Pleistocene. [] By Katherine Kornei, Eos/AGU. Excerpt: …scientists have analyzed tiny bits of rock transported by glaciers and gained a better understanding of recent glacial cycles. The team found that precession—gradual changes in the direction of […]

LC8C. Stay Current—Highs and Lows Over the Past 750 Million Years

Staying current for Chapter 8 See non-chronological resources (bottom of this page) { Life and Climate Contents } 2022-09-12. Mega-eruptions linked to most mass extinctions over past 500 million years. [] By Robert Sanders, UC Berkeley News. Excerpt: Mass extinctions litter the history of life on Earth, with about a dozen known in addition to […]

LC7C. Stay Current—Earth’s Shifting Crust

Stay current for chapter 7 { Life and Climate Contents } 2020-05-08. Are We Seeing a New Ocean Starting to Form in Africa? By Erik Klemetti, Eos/AGU. Excerpt: …The entire Afar region in eastern Africa finds itself in the middle of changes that could split the continent, forming a new ocean basin. The magmatism at Erta Ale […]

LC6C. Stay Current—How and When Did Complex Life Begin?

Stay current for chapter 6 { Life and Climate Contents } Understanding Evolution – a one-stop source for information on evolution.2019-11-14. Alien genes from bacteria helped plants conquer the land. By Elizabeth Pennisi, Science Magazine.  2016-01-11. Ancient Start of Animal Evolution Wasn’t Delayed by Low Oxygen. By Cody Sullivan, Earth & Space Science News (EoS; AGU). Excerpt: New research […]

LC5C. Stay Current—The Origin of Our Oxygen-Rich Atmosphere

Stay current for chapter 5 { Life and Climate Contents } 2021-09-03. Longer Days Likely Boosted Earth’s Early Oxygen. Source: By Damond Benningfield, Eos/AGU. Excerpt: Microbial mats in a Lake Huron sinkhole, combined with modeling work, suggest that the changing length of Earth’s day could have played a key role in oxygenating the atmosphere.… [] […]