TG A Changing Cosmos

{ All GSS Books } ~{}~ Objectives [] AssessmentGuides for each Chapter: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 Goal 1: Students acquire beginning skills using HOU Image Processing software so they can start doing astronomy investigations. Objective 1A: Students can interpret graphs and alternate data representations, […]

Teacher Guide for GSS

{ To GSS Books } TEACHER GUIDE CONTENTS Introduction 1. Map of the GSS Course 4. How Can I Customize GSS for My Students? 7. How is GSS Related to Science Education Reform? 2. What is Global Systems Science? 5. What Teaching Methods Should I Use? 8. How Was GSS Created? 3. What Will My […]

AC9C. Stay Current—Cosmos Begins… and Ends?

Staying current for Chapter 9 { A Changing Cosmos Contents } The Mysteries of the Cosmos – a panel discussion with astronomers Phil Plait, Mike Brown, Debra Fischer, Andrea Ghez, and Saul Perlmutter. Topics: newly discovered solar system objects; the black hole in our galaxy; expansion of our universe. 2022-08-09. Webb telescope reveals unpredicted bounty of […]

AC8C. Stay Current—Search for Habitable Planets

Staying current for Chapter 8 { A Changing Cosmos Contents } See pages about NASA’s Kepler mission to find Earth size planets in the habitable zones of stars at an archive of Kepler News stories  Articles from 2008–present In the Exoplanet Transits investigation, here is data to generate a light curves for various exoplanets: images provided by […]

AC7C. Stay Current—Planet-Star Systems

Staying current for Chapter 7 { A Changing Cosmos Contents } Asteroid visualization (YouTube) – an animation of the solar system showing asteroid discoveries starting in 1980. Earth Crossers are Red. Earth Approachers (Perihelion less than 1.3AU) are Yellow. All Others are Green. Articles from 2008–present 2022-09-23. New Webb Image Captures Clearest View of Neptune’s Rings […]

AC6C. Stay Current—Dramatic Change in Stars

Staying current for Chapter 6 { A Changing Cosmos Contents } Articles from 2006–present 2022-06-10. Astronomers may have detected a ‘dark’ free-floating black hole. [] By Robert Sanders, UC Berkeley News. Excerpt: If, as astronomers believe, the death of large stars leave behind black holes, there should be hundreds of millions of them scattered throughout […]

AC5C. Stay Current—Color, Temperature & Age of Stars

Staying current for Chapter 5 { A Changing Cosmos Contents } Articles from 2011–present 2011-05-25. NASA’s Kepler Yields the Next Harvest: A bounty of findings delivered at the 218th Meeting of the AAS in Boston. Kepler News. Excerpt: Soeren Meibom, Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, is studying the stars… in the Kepler field of view. There […]

AC4C. Stay Current—Fathoming Huge Distances

Staying current for Chapter 4 { A Changing Cosmos Contents } Articles from 2009–present 2016-12-30. Astronomer Edwin Hubble announced the discovery of other galaxies beyond the Milky Way on this date in 1924. By Writer’s Almanac. Excerpt: …Before he made his discovery, everyone thought that our Milky Way galaxy was the only galaxy in the universe, and […]

AC3C. Stay Current—Cosmic Engines

Staying current for Chapter 3 { A Changing Cosmos Contents } Articles from 2005–present 2022-08-10. Nearby star’s midlife crisis illuminates the future of our own Sun. [] By Zack Savitsky, Science Magazine. Excerpt: Long magnetic lull on star mimics the Maunder Minimum, when the Sun’s spots largely disappeared 400 years ago. Soon after European astronomers developed […]

AC2C. Stay Current—Astronomer’s Tools

Staying current for Chapter 2 { A Changing Cosmos Contents } Articles from 2009–present 2022-08-24. All-seeing telescope will snap exploding stars, may spy a hidden world. [] By Daniel Clery, Science Magazine. Excerpt: Array of 900 instruments will make movies of heavens, revealing short-lived and fast-changing events. …Argus aims to achieve its unique vision with […]