EF6. How Does Energy Flow In the Atmosphere?

Chapter 6 { Energy Flow Contents } Most natural systems are continuously changing. Yet within them certain things remain the same, or fluctuate within limits. Any balance between opposing forces or influences can be called “equilibrium.” There are two kinds of equilibrium: static and dynamic. Systems in Static Equilibrium Static equilibrium is when parts of […]

EF5. What Is Light?

Chapter 5 { Energy Flow Contents } It is 10°C below zero outdoors, and the snow is piled high against the walls of the Tromsø Planetarium—the most northerly planetarium in the world.  But it’s warm and cozy indoors, where Planetarium Director Franck Petersson shows us some of his most recent photographs of the aurora borealis, […]

EF4. How Does the Sun Shine?

Chapter 4 { Energy Flow Contents } An outdoor expedition once brought a group of high school students to the top of a bare plateau in the middle of the night. Even though it was July, the night air was cold and the wind was blowing strongly. The wind thwarted their efforts to build a […]

EF3. What Heats the Earth’s Interior?

Chapter 3 { Energy Flow Contents } The convection currents discussed in the last chapter explain most of the world’s volcanoes, because most volcanoes occur along the edges of plates. In some of these places, the rift zones, plates are spreading apart, so magma comes up from below to cause the volcanoes. In other cases, […]

EF1. What Is Energy?

Chapter 1 { Energy Flow Contents } You lean out of the window, far enough to feel the breeze on your face. The City is spread out beneath you. New York. The Big Apple. A million moving points of light seem to throb with energy. Cars move across the Brooklyn Bridge. People walk the sidewalks. […]

Bibliography for Energy Flow

{ Energy Flow Contents } { All GSS Books } Alvarez, Walter, Alvarez, Luis Michel, Helen, and Asaro, Frank, Science, June 6, 1980. Alvarez, Walter and Asaro, Frank, and Courtillot, Vincent E., “What Caused the Mass Extinction?” Scientific American, Vol. 263, No. 4, page 76-92, October, 1990. Armbruster, Ann, and Taylor, Elizabeth A., Tornadoes, New […]

Energy Flow

ENERGY FLOW is about how energy moves through the atmosphere, oceans, land, and living things. Analyzing the flow of energy is vital to understanding Earth systems. Students investigate the process of convection and how it relates to earthquakes and volcanoes, global winds, ocean currents. They experiment with the variables that affect water flowing through a […]


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