EF6C. Stay Current—How Does Energy Flow in the Atmosphere?

Staying current for Chapter 6 { Energy Flow Contents } Water Cycle movieAtmospheric Circulation – 18 multimedia resources from Teachers’ Domain Earth and Space Science multimedia resources (movies and interactives). See also: GSS Climate Change. 2020-05-12. Aircraft spies gravity waves being sucked into Antarctica’s polar vortex. By Eric Hand, Science Magazine. Excerpt: The Southern Ocean is famously stormy, […]

EF5C. Stay Current—What Is Light?

Staying current for Chapter 5 See non-chronological resources (bottom of this page) { Energy Flow Contents } 2021-02-09. Ham Radio Forms a Planet-Sized Space Weather Sensor Network. By Kristina Collins, David Kazdan, and Nathaniel A. Frissell, Eos/AGU. Excerpt: For researchers who monitor the effects of solar activity on Earth’s atmosphere, telecommunications, and electrical utilities, amateur radio […]

EF3C. Stay Current—What Heats the Earth’s Interior?

Staying current for Chapter 3 { Energy Flow Contents } California Earthquake animation site at USGS Deep Carbon Observatory 2023-31. The Planet Inside. By Paul Voosen, Science Magazine. Excerpt: Scientists are probing the secrets of the inner core—and learning how it might have saved life on Earth. …Earth’s magnetic field, nearly as old as the planet […]

EF2C. Stay Current—Why Do Volcanoes Erupt?

Staying current for Chapter 2 See articles from: {2008–2020}-{2002–2007}. See non-chronological resources (bottom of this page) { Energy Flow Contents } 2022-07-27. Massive undersea eruption filled atmosphere with water. [https://www.science.org/content/article/massive-undersea-eruption-filled-atmosphere-water] By Nathaniel Scharping, Science Magazine. Excerpt: On 15 January, Tonga’s Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano erupted under the sea, rocking the South Pacific nation and sending […]

EF2C. 2002-2007 Why Do Volcanoes Erupt?

{ Energy Flow Contents } { All GSS Books } 2007 November 1. Is the ocean carbon sink sinking? RealClimate website. –David. Excerpt: The past few weeks and years have seen a bushel of papers finding that the natural world, in particular perhaps the ocean, is getting fed up with absorbing our CO2… evidence that the hypothesized carbon cycle […]

EF1C. Stay Current—What Is Energy?

Staying current for Chapter 1 { Energy Flow Contents } 2001 November. Birth of a Large Iceberg in Pine Island Bay, Antarctica [223kb PDF NASA Lithograph] This lithograph shows the break-off of a large tabular iceberg from the Pine Island Glacier in West Antarctica. This event occurred between November 4th and 12th, 2001, and provides powerful evidence […]

EF9. How Does Energy Flow in Living Systems?

Chapter 9 { Energy Flow Contents } It’s a sunny spring day. Lush green grass from winter rainstorms carpets the hillside, punctuated here and there with ancient oak trees. Zooming in on one of the trees we see that it’s alive with hundreds of oak caterpillars, munching holes in the leaves. It’s a feast day […]

EF8. What is El Niño?

Chapter 8 { Energy Flow Contents } In the Peruvian hamlet of Chato Chico, after weeks of rain, Isaias Ipanaqué Silva watched the Piura River rising more than he had ever seen. Every several years, for as long as anyone in the village could remember, heavier than normal rainfall had come.  But never like this—five […]

EF7. What Causes Thunderstorms & Tornadoes?

Chapter 7 { Energy Flow Contents } “Dad was outside and Mom and I were getting dinner ready,” said Karen Knobloch, who lived with her parents on a farm in northwest Iowa.  “Dad came inside and said we’d better get to the basement. It hit when we were halfway down the steps.” Windows were blown […]

EF6.2. Heat Trappers, Inc

{ Energy Flow Contents } { All GSS Books } Your job as a member of Heat Trappers, Inc., is to work with a team of engineers (your fellow students) to create as warm an environment as possible for some miniature exotic tropical plants that have just been acquired for your school’s new botanical garden.  […]