DEW Future

{ Digital Earth Watch Contents } { All GSS Books } The Future of Digital Earth Watch The Digital Earth Watch project grew out of a NASA-funded project Measuring Vegetation Health as a collaboration of several key partners.  The future of this effort is tied to the health of those partner projects, which are all substantial projects in […]

DEW Program Evaluation of Digital Earth Watch

{ Digital Earth Watch Contents } { All GSS Books } Digital Earth Watch Program Evaluation NASA REASoN Project Survey and Forest Watch Survey Jeffrey S. BeaudryUniversity of Southern Maine A. Mavourneen ThompsonThompson Consulting Introduction The program evaluation took place over a five-year time period, beginning with Measuring Vegetation Health (MVH) and concluding with Digital Earth […]

DEW Formative Evaluation of Adult Learning

{ Digital Earth Watch Contents } { All GSS Books } By Jeffrey S. Beaudry, Ph.D.Program EvaluatorUniversity of Southern Maine Lesley KennedyLead EducatorMuseum of Science-Boston Mavourneen ThompsonPortland, Maine I. Introduction  Program evaluation of the Measuring Vegetation Health, renamed Digital Earth Watch (DEW), incorporated both formative and summative evaluation components. The overall program evaluation will be […]

DEW Concept Mapping

{ Digital Earth Watch Contents } { All GSS Books } Concept Mapping and Visual Learning Jeffrey S. Beaudry, PhDUniversity of Southern Maine Polly WilsonDeering High SchoolPortland, Maine Introduction From 2005 to 2009 we were involved in the Digital Earth Watch (DEW) grant (formerly Measuring Vegetation Health) with the purpose to create and integrate visual […]

DEW Partners

{ Digital Earth Watch Contents } { All GSS Books } Staff from seven institutions are incorporating their diverse talents to develop the activities, guides, resources, and information for the NASA grant project Measuring Vegetation Health that produced the Digital Earth Watch materials. Team members attending the kick-off Measuring Vegetation Health planning meeting in February, 2004: (left to […]

DEW4.3. Get Earth Images

{ Digital Earth Watch Contents } { All GSS Books } Skip to Summary of Earth Image Resources Relatively close-up images of Earth for monitoring of Earth systems are available through aerial photography (as seen in PicturePost in 3.1 Observe Changing Vegetation and investigation 4.1 Aerial Photography) In investigation 4.2 The View from 400 Miles […]

DEW4.2. What Can You See From 400 Miles Above the Earth?

{ Digital Earth Watch Contents } { All GSS Books } Looking at a satellite or aerial photograph requires us to think about how a view of something familiar, for example, of a school building viewed from the street, alters when seen from above. We experience this somewhat on the nightly news, when we see […]

DEW4.1. Aerial Photography

{ Digital Earth Watch Contents } { All GSS Books } Much of the material in this investigation is provided by Don McCasland of Blue Hill Observatory. The great benefit of kites, balloons, blimps and poles for aerial photography is that they allow relatively close up imagery of the subject. It is fun and educational […]

DEW4. Monitoring Earth Systems

Chapter 4 { Digital Earth Watch Contents } I. Forest Watch Forest Watch ( is a project in which data on tree characteristics are collected by teachers and students in grades K-12 as an integral and important component of research on forest ecosystems in New England. Each participating classroom is given study plot. Currently under […]

DEW2.4. How to Take the Best Digital Photos

{ Digital Earth Watch Contents } { All GSS Books } You need appreciation of art, technology, and science to be able to capture images with a digital camera to maximize the accuracy and minimize the uncertainty of the measurements. To improve how to use a camera to take digital images for scientific measurement, it […]