logo for the Lifelines for High School Climate Change Education project

The Lifelines for high School Climate Change Education project first recruited Professional Learning Community (PLC) Leaders help member teachers later recruited in this project to share their course outlines and how climate change subjects fit in to those courses.

Principal Investigator: Alan Gould, Lawrence Hall of Science, Global Systems Science Project

Online Communication Tools Tested:
Adobe Connect, Facebook, Google Hangouts, Google Sites, ReadyTalk, Skype

Leaders were

  • Andre Pineda
  • Billy Goodman
  • Charlene Olson
  • Cris DeWolf
  • David Bydlowski
  • David Swartz & Stephanie Chasteen
  • Don Duggan-Haas
  • Emily Sherman
  • Eric Walters
  • Fran Hess
  • Gary Bent
  • Jennifer Harold
  • Jim McDonald
  • John Shribbs
  • Laurel Kohl
  • Marc Reif
  • Marcia Powell
  • Michael Benjamin
  • Michael Tally
  • Patti Cook
  • Sheila Scanlan
  • Tom Green
  • William Richards

The Leaders’ site also included

  • Meeting Notes
  • Photo Name Tags
  • PLC Challenges
  • PLC Websites
  • Presentations
  • Recruitment progress
  • Resources