PG1C. Stay Current—What Is a Population?

Staying current for Chapter 1 See non-chronological resources { Population Growth Contents } 2020-04-08. Lynx Numbers Are in Decline in the West. By Karen Weintraub, The New York Times. Excerpt: In recent years, the U.S. government has considered removing protections for the Canada lynx, which has been listed as a threatened species. But a recent study […]

PG6C. Stay Current—One Child

Staying current for Chapter 6 { Population Growth Contents } 2022-11-14. India faces deepening demographic divide as it prepares to overtake China as the world’s most populous country. [] By Hannah Ellis-Petersen, The Guardian. Excerpt: India is currently home to more than 1.39 billion people – four times that of the US and more than […]

Bibliography for Population Growth

{ Population Growth Contents } { All GSS Books } Brown, Lester R., Building a Sustainable Society, W.W. Norton, 1981  Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Trends ’91, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 1992  Chen, Victor, Crisis of a Crowded World, Audubon, July-Aug., 1994  Coale, Ansley J., The History of the Human Population, Scientific American, Sept., 1974  […]

Population Growth

POPULATION GROWTH addresses a fundamental problem: even if we can change our habits to use only clean and efficient sources of energy such as solar, wind, and water power, global environmental problems will continue to worsen if the world’s population continues to grow at the present rate. As of November 16, 2022 there were 8 […]

EU10C. 2009-2014 Our Energy Future

Staying current for Chapter 10 Articles from 2009–2014 Stay current index page for chapter 10 { Energy Use Contents } 2014-12-21. Energy-Storage Plans Gain Ground in California. By Matthew L. Wald, The New York Times. Excerpt: In an unusual competition in California, proposals for energy storage systems beat out hundreds of bids to construct new power plants as […]

EU10C. 2003–2008 Our Energy Future

Staying current for Chapter 10 Articles from 2003–2008 Stay current index page for chapter 10 { Energy Use Contents } 2008 2008 Dec. Pelamis Wave Power. Marine-power firm Ocean Power Technologies… New report suggests Great Britain could derive 20 percent of energy needs from ocean power…ScottishPower is going big with tidal, as Scottish waters open up for the […]

EU10C. Stay Current—Our Energy Future

Staying current for Chapter 10 See non-chronological resources Articles from:{2015–2021}-{2003–2008}-{2009-2014} { Energy Use Contents } 2022-11-27. Giant Wind Farms Arise Off Scotland, Easing the Pain of Oil’s Decline. [] By Stanley Reed, The New York Times. Excerpt: It was a regular workday for these employees and contractors of a Scottish utility, SSE, and its partners, which operate […]

EU9C. Stay Current—Energy for Transportation

Staying current for Chapter 9 See non-chronological resources Articles from:{2014–2021}-{2009–2013}-{2003-2008}Additional Topics (Fuel, Electric Vehicles, Automobiles) { Energy Use Contents } Latest articles (2022)  2022-11-13. Electric Vehicles Start to Enter the Car-Buying Mainstream. [] By Jack Ewing and Peter Eavis, The New York Times. Excerpt: While sales are still skewed toward affluent buyers, more people are choosing electric vehicles to […]

EU9C. Additional Topics

{ Energy Use Contents } { All GSS Books } Automobiles Advanced Transportation Technologies Alternative Power – “Lessons from the Past, Inspiration for the Future of Automobilies.” Essay and photographs accompanying an exhibit at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.Burns, Lawrence D., McCormick, J. Byron, and Borroni-Bird, Christopher E., Vehicle of Change, Scientific American, Oct 2002, […]

EU9C. 2009–2013 Energy for Transportation

Staying current for Chapter 9 Articles from 2009–2013 Stay current index page for chapter 9 { Energy Use Contents } 2013-09-10.  Study: Panda Poo May Be Coup for Future of Biofuels.    Excerpt: …bacteria in panda feces could help make biofuel production more efficient. …more than 40 different microbes living in the guts of giant pandas at the […]