DEW1.4. Creating Colors

{ Digital Earth Watch Contents } { All GSS Books } Materials: Software: ColorBasics* Charts: Tri-color Creation Chart Tri-color Prediction Chart Tri-color Reference Chart *The author of ColorBasics software, John Pickle, has a website where you can find new web-based apps on his website’s Color Vision page: Detect Change in Color Detect Differences Between Colors […]

DEW3. Analyzing Plants and Ecosystems

Chapter 3 { Digital Earth Watch Contents } Plants are indicators of the quality of the local environment that impacts all living creatures in the area. Can we examine plants to be able to read their signs of an unhealthy environment and be able to identify the causes of the problems? To do that, it’s […]

DEW2. Measuring With Digital Images

Chapter 2 { Digital Earth Watch Contents } I. The Power of Digital Images With the inventions of the computer and the Internet, many of us use digital cameras or cameras in smart phones as tools to record memories by capturing images of objects. But digital images are now more than just a way to […]

DEW1. Digital Image Basics

Chapter 1 { Digital Earth Watch Contents } Of our five senses, sight provides near-instantaneous information over a large range of distances and space. So it is no coincidence that people use a plethora of images to convey a rich variety of data: photographs, maps, drawings, paintings, movies, text documents, signs, etc. With the inventions […]

Digital Earth Watch

{ All GSS Books } The Digital Earth Watch (DEW) project grew from a NASA grant project titled Measuring Vegetation Health. Its goal was to teach about how monitoring the health of vegetation can be done at various scales: from individual plants to large scale ecosystems. Sensors capturing digital images provide crucial data at all […]