logo for the Lifelines for High School Climate Change Education project

The Global Systems Science Lifelines for High School Climate Change Education was a NASA Innovations in Climate Education (NICE) project. Through professional learning communities (PLCs) of high school science teachers, the Lifelines project facilitated  incorporating climate change topics in the courses they teach. We gathered teachers’ course outlines with clearly marked places where climate change subjects fit, as well as links to activities, labs, investigations, and resources used by PLC  member teachers.

Lifelines PLC members posted course outlines that included:

  1. Course Title, Your Name, School, City and State
  2. Top level outline (all the major units in the course)
  3. Flag the climate-change-relevant units (e.g. with asterisk & make bold font) 
  4. List of resources used specifically for the climate-change-related units. 
    Include resource name/title, what Unit it goes with, and URL if applicable.

Participants learned how to create and edit Google Site pages.

Courses included contributions by teachers in these subject areas:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth Science
  • AP Environmental Science (APES)
  • Environmental Science
  • Marine/Ocean Science
  • Mathematics
  • Middle School-8th Grade
  • Physics
  • Other