The NASA Kepler Mission spacecraft launched March 6, 2009.

It ceased data-collecting operations in August 2018 when it ran out of fuel. In those nine years, Kepler Mission discovered 4,571 planetary signatures using the transit method, detecting minuscule drops in brightness of stars when planets move in front them. Of those planetary signatures, 2,805 have been confirmed as actual exoplanets (as of July 2024).

Along with SETI Institute, The Lawrence Hall of Science was one of two co-lead institutions responsible for Education and Public Outreach for the Kepler Mission. This page has material from the original NASA Kepler Mission Education pages (the now decommissioned The archive of the original Kepler Mission Education page is
A summary of that site’s contents is below. See also and an article in Eos (AGU), 1 August 2018, The Kepler Revolution (, by Kimberly M. S. Cartier, that summarizes nine fundamental discoveries about planets aided by Kepler in 9 years of operation.

Meet the Kepler Mission Team

Contents of the Kepler Mission education website 
preserved on the Internet Archive (Wayback Machine):

About the Mission

Brief History of Kepler, by Bill Borucki


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News Archive for Kepler

Chronology of the NASA Kepler and K2Missions through News Items (Sept 2008 — Sept 2016)
Sep 6, 2016: To boldly go: How ‘Star Trek inspired NASA’s Planet Hunters
Aug24, 2016: Thomas Barclay: NASA in Silicon Valley Podcast
Aug 12, 2016: Kepler Watches Stellar Dancers in the Pleiades Cluster
Aug 12,2016: Photometer Update
Aug 8, 2016: K2 Mission Campaign 10, the Kepler Photometer, and Mission duration.
Aug3, 2016: Astronomers Help Focus Research in the Search for Another Earth
July 18,2016: The 62 new K2 planets brings total number of K2 planets to 127
June 20, 2016: NASA’s K2 Finds Newborn Exoplanet Around Young Star
June 13, 2016: New Planet Is Largest Discovered That Orbits Two Suns
May 17, 2016: Kepler-223 System: Clues to Planetary Migration
May 11, 2016: K2 mission helps demystify largest unnamed object in our solar system
May 10, 2016: Kepler Mission Announces Largest Collection of Planets Ever Discovered
May4, 2016: REDDIT Science AMA Series: NASA Kepler Mission*
May 3, 2016 Mission Manager Q&A: Recovering The Kepler Spacecraft To Hunt ForExoplanets Again
April 21, 2016: William Borucki receives The 2016 Franklin Institute Bower Award and Prizefor Achievement in Science*
Apr 11, 2016: Kepler goes into Emergency Mode …and recovers*
Apr 7, 2016: Searching for Far Out and Wandering Worlds (feature)
Mar 21, 2016: Caught For The First Time: The Early Flash Of An Exploding Star*
Mar 9, 2016: NASA’s K2 mission: The Kepler Space Telescope’s Second Chance to Shine(feature)
Jan 8, 2016: K2 and Kepler at AAS*
Dec 17, 2015: NASA and Star Wars: The Connections Are Strong in This One (feature)
Dec 15, 2015: Meanwhile, in a galaxy not so far, far away… (feature)
Dec 10, 2015: NASA Telescopes Detect Jupiter-Like Storm on Small Star (feature)
Nov 24, 2015: Strange Star Likely Swarmed by Comets (feature)
Nov 10, 2015: AAS presents Borucki with Carl Sagan Award*
Nov 6, 2015: More on K2SciCon*
Nov 2, 2015: K2SciCon Begins*
Oct 23, 2015: Top 20 Intriguing Exoplanets*
Oct 20, 2015: Most Earth-Like Worlds Have Yet to Be Born, According to Theoretical Study(feature)
Oct 21, 2015: NASA’s K2 Finds Dead Star Vaporizing a Mini “Planet” (Ames)
Oct 15, 2015: William Borucki Receives SETI Institutes’s 2015 Drake Award*
Sep 15, 2015: Kepler: A Giant Leap for Exoplanet Studies*
Aug 7, 2015: HENAAC Scientist of the Year: Elisa Quintana*
Jul 23, 2015: Kepler-452b: Earth’s Bigger, Older Cousin (Briefing Materials)
Jul 23, 2015: NASA’s Kepler Mission Discovers Bigger, Older Cousin to Earth Release15-156
Jul 23, 2015: Finding Another Earth (JPL)
Jul 23, 2015: Searching for Habitable Worlds (Ames)
Jul 23, 2015: Soaking up the Rays of a Sun-like Star – Artistic Concept (image)
Jul 23, 2015: Earth’s Bigger, Older Cousin — Artistic Concept (image)
Jul 23, 2015: Sizes of Kepler Planet Candidates, July 2015 (image)
Jul 23, 2015: Kepler Planet Candidates, July 2015 (image)
Jul 23, 2015: Twelve New Small Kepler Habitable ZonA Kepler’s Dozen: Small Habitable ZonePlanets Candidates (image)
Jul 23, 2015: A Kepler’s Dozen: Small Habitable Zone Planets (image)
Jul 23, 2015: Kepler-452 and the Solar System (image)
Jul 20, 2015: Media Advisory M15-110 NASA Hosts Media Teleconference to Announce Latest Kepler Discoveries
Jul 9, 2015: NASA Missions Have Their Eyes Peeled on Pluto (feature)
Jul 1, 2015: Kepler’s Borucki Retires after Five Decades at NASA
Jun 17, 2015: Measuring the Mass of a Mars-size Exoplanet (Ames)
Jun 17, 2015: Kepler-138b: a Mars-size exoplanet, now with a measured mass: Mars-sizeKepler-138b Gets a Mass (image)
May 20, 2015: NASA Spacecraft Capture Rare, Early Moments of Baby Supernovae (Ames)
May 14, 2015: Kepler Observes Neptune Dance with Its Moons: KeplerObserves Neptune Dance with Its Moons (video)
May 12, 2015: Kepler’s Six Years In Science (and Counting)* (+image)
Apr 21, 2015: NASA’s NExSS Coalition to Lead Search for Life on Distant Worlds(feature)
Apr 7, 2015: The Solar System and Beyond is Awash in Water (JPL)
Mar 25, 2015: Kepler team wins 2015 National Air and Space Museum Trophy for CurrentAchievement (Ames)
Mar 23, 2015: Kepler Wins National Air and Space Museum Trophy (Ames)
Feb 24, 2015: Kepler visionary William Borucki inducted as a NASA Ames Fellow*
Jan. 30, 2015: NASA Supercomputer Assists the Hunt for Exomoons (Ames)
Jan 28, 2015: Astronomers Discover Ancient System with Five Small Planets: AstronomersDiscover Ancient System with Five Small Planets (Ames)
Jan 28, 2015: Kepler-444: An Ancient System with Five Planets (image)
Jan 21, 2015: Astronomers DiscoverFirst Multiple-Planet System From K2
Jan 16, 2015: Three Nearly Earth-Size Planets Found Orbiting Nearby Star*
Jan 6, 2015: NASA’s Kepler Marks 1,000th Exoplanet Discovery, Uncovers More Small Worldsin Habitable Zones Release 15-004
Jan 6, 2015: NASA Kepler’s Hall of Fame: Small Habitable Zone Exoplanets (image)
Jan 6, 2015: Kepler Planet Candidates, January 2015 (image)
Dec 22, 2014: NASA Takes Giant Leaps on the Journey to Mars, Eyes Our Home Planet andthe Distant Universe, Tests Technologies and Improves the Skies Abovein 2014 (Release 14-331)
Dec 18, 2014: NASA’s Kepler Reborn, Makes First Exoplanet Find of New Mission: NASA’s Kepler Reborn, Makes First Exoplanet Find of New Mission—Release14-335
Dec 18, 2014: Reborn Kepler Can Still Find Planets (image)
Dec 16, 2014: Comet Siding Spring Passes Through K2’s Field-of-View (image)
Nov 6, 2014: Kepler Scientist hangs out with Interstellar cast members*
Oct 27, 2014: NASA’s Planet-hunting Kepler and K2 Missions Take Your Questions on Reddit(Ames)
Oct 4, 2014: Kepler Scientist Elisa Quintana receives the Lupe Ontiveros Dream Award*
Sep 24, 2014: NASA Telescopes Find Clear Skies and Water Vapor on Exoplanet Release14-255
Sep 24, 2014: A Sunny Outlook for ‘Weather’ on Exoplanets (image)
Sep 23, 2014: Seeing Starlight Through a Planet’s Rim
Sep 23, 2014: K2 Campaign 0 “Postage Stamp” (image)
Sep 18, 2014: Advances in Exoplanet Science from Kepler:
Sep 2, 2014: Exploring exoplanet populations with NASA’s Kepler Mission*
Aug 14, 2014: NASA Awards ceremony keynote speaker is Kepler PI, Bill Borucki*
Jul 23, 2014: Kepler-93b—TheMost Precise Measurement of an Alien World’s Size (JPL/Spitzer)
Jul 23, 2014: Gauging an Alien World’s Size (image)
Jul 21, 2014: Astronomers Discover Transiting Exoplanet with Longest Known Year (Ames)
Jul 21, 2014: Kepler-421b: Transiting Exoplanet with Longest Known Year (image)
Jul 21, 2014: Exploring exoplanet populations with NASA’s Kepler Mission*
Jun 25, 2014: Kepler K2 Mission Planning for Observing Fields 4 and 5*
Jun 2, 2014: Astronomers Confounded By Massive Rocky World: AstronomersConfounded By Massive Rocky World (Ames)
May 30, 2014: Kepler Begins K2 Mission Field 1 Observing*
Apr 17, 2014: First Earth-Size Planet in ‘Habitable Zone’
NASA’sKepler Telescope Discovers First Earth-Size Planet in ‘HabitableZone’ Release 14-111
Apr 17, 2014: Kepler-186 and the Solar System (image)
Apr 17, 2014: Kepler-186f, the First Earth-size Planet in the Habitable Zone (image)
Mar 10, 2014: Artof Discovery*
Mar 7, 2014: Kepler Team receives the National Space Club’s Goddard Trophy*
Mar 6, 2014: Kepler’s 5th Anniversary: KeplerMarks Five Years in Space (Ames)
Feb 26, 2014: NASA’s Kepler Mission Announces a Planet Bonanza, 715 New Worlds (Ames)
Feb 26, 2014: Digital press kit – Kepler Planet Bonanza
Feb 26, 2014: NASA’s Kepler Mission Announces a Planet Bonanza, 715 New Worlds Release14-059
Feb 26, 2014: Exoplanet Discoveries (image)
Feb 26, 2014: Sizes of Known Exoplanets (image)
Feb 6, 2014: National Space Club Honors Kepler’s Planet Hunters Release 14-044
Feb 4, 2014: Kepler Finds a Very Wobbly Planet: KeplerFinds a Very Wobbly Planet (Ames)
Jan 9, 2014: PBS NOVA: “Alien Planets Revealed”*
Jan 6, 2014: NASA Kepler Provides Insight About Enigmatic But Ubiquitous Planets, FiveNew Rocky Planets (Ames)
Jan 6, 2014: Kepler Planet Candidates, January 2014 (image)
Jan 7, 2014: Kepler at American Astronomical Society (AAS) Meeting*
Dec 4, 2013: Two-Wheel Kepler Mission Invited to 2014 Senior Review*
Nov 26, 2013: Kepler’s Second Light: How K2 Will Work
Nov 26, 2013: NASA Kepler’s Second Light (image)
Nov 25, 2013: A Sunny Outlook for Kepler’s Second Light (Life?)*
Nov 4, 2013: NASA Kepler Results Usher in a New Era of Astronomy Release 13-323
Nov 4, 2013: Size of Planet Candidates – November 2013 (image)
Nov 4, 2013: Kepler’s Planet Candidates, November 2013 (image)
Oct 30, 2013: Kepler-78b: first Earth-size planet with measured Earth-mass: ScientistsDiscover the First Earth-Sized Rocky Planet
Oct 29, 2013: Kepler-78b: First Earth-Sized Rocky Planet (image)
Oct 23, 2013: President Barack Obama Recognizes NASA Employees’ Public Service
Oct 23, 2013: President Barack Obama Congratulates William Borucki (image)
Oct 18, 2013: Deviant spin of a red giant star: AGiant Misalignment in a Multiple Planet System
Oct 14, 2013: Kepler-64b: Four Star Planet (image)
Oct 1, 2013: Non-essential Kepler Operations Shut Down:
Sep 30, 2013: NASA Space Telescopes Find Patchy Clouds on Exotic World Release13-303
Sep 30, 2013: Partially Cloudy Skies on Kepler-7b (Artist’s Concept) (image)
Sep 30, 2013: NASA Space Telescopes Find Patchy Clouds on Exotic World (Spitzer)
Sep 4, 2013: [INFOGRAPHIC] Precision Pointing: It’s a Matter of Scale
Aug 29, 2013: 14 new Kepler planets bring total count to 150*
Aug 22, 2013: Kepler finds stars’ flickers reveal the gravity at their surface*
Aug 19, 2013: MIT team discovers an exoplanet that orbits its star in 8.5 hours*
Aug 15, 2013: NASA Ends Attempts to Fully Recover Kepler Spacecraft, Potential NewMissions Considered*
Aug 5, 2013: Video of Kepler Symposium Now Available*
Aug 2, 2013: Soliciting Community Input for Alternate Science Investigations for the KeplerSpacecraft*
Jul 29, 2013: Second Kepler Science Conference, Nov. 4-8, 2013*
Jul 17, 2013: In the Zone: How Scientists Search for Habitable Planets
Jun 26, 2013: First Transiting Planets in a Star Cluster Discovered
Jun 6, 2013: Stars Don’t Eat Their Young Migrating Planets*
Jun 4, 2013: All Six Planets Known to Orbit Kepler-11 Have Low Densities*
Jun 2, 2013: Kepler’s eclipsing binary stars*
May 31, 2013: 1,924new KOIs*
May 15, 2013: NASA Hosts Kepler Spacecraft Status Teleconference Today*
May 13, 2013: New Method of Finding Planets Scores its First Discovery*
May 1, 2013: TheSun is not an unusually quiet star*
Apr 18, 2013: Kepler’s Smallest Habitable Zone Planets;Digitalpress kit – Kepler-62 and Kepler-69 System
Apr 18, 2013: Kepler-69c: Super-Venus (image)
Apr 18, 2013: Kepler-69 and the Solar System (image)
Apr 18, 2013: Kepler-62 and the Solar System (image)
Apr 18, 2013: Relative Sizes of Kepler Habitable Zone Planets (April 2013) (image)
Apr 18, 2013: Kepler-62e(image)
Apr 18, 2013: Kepler-62f with 62e as Morning Star (image)
Apr 18, 2013: Kepler-62f: Small Habitable Zone World (image)
Mar 29, 2013: Planet Hunters discovery: PH1b (Kepler-64b*
Feb 20, 2013: Kepler-37b NASA’sKepler Mission Discovers Tiny Planet System
Feb 21, 2013: A Moon-size Line Up (image)
Feb 20, 2013: A Tiny Planet (image)
Feb 13, 2013: Planetrise(image)
Feb 7, 2013: The Occurrence Rate of Small Planets around Small Stars*
Feb 6, 2013: Red Dwarf Planet (image)
Jan 10, 2013: NASA’s Kepler Mission Discovers 461 New Planet Candidates
Jan 7, 2013: Announcing 461 New Kepler Planet Candidates: Kepler Planet Candidates, January 2013 (image)
Jan 7, 2013: Kepler Planet Candidates, January 2013—(Image; sizes)
Jan 7, 2013: Kepler Principal Investigator William Borucki 2013 Receives the 2013 HenryDraper Medal from National Academy of Sciences*
Nov 27, 2012: Kepler Participating Scientist Program Announcement*
Nov 20, 2012: Kepler Mission Manager Update
Nov 14, 2012: Kepler Completes Prime Mission and Begins Extended Mission*
Nov 14, 2012: Kepler Timeline
Oct 26, 2012: Kepler Mission Manager Update
Oct 18, 2012: Extrasolar Planets Featured at American Astronomical Society’s DPS Conference*
Oct 18, 2012: Revisiting exoplanet TrES-2 (Kepler-1b)*
Oct 15, 2012: NASA- Citizen Scientists Discover Four-Star Planet with NASA Kepler
Sep 17, 2012: Kepler Mission Manager Update
Sep 12, 2012: Kepler Team Mourns the Passing of the Original Kepler Deputy PI, David Koch*
Aug 28, 2012: Kepler-47 NASA’s Kepler Discovers Multiple Planets Orbiting a Pair of Stars;Orbiting in the Habitable Zone of Two Suns (image); Sharing the Light of Two Suns (image); Two Planets of Kepler-47 (image)
Aug 23, 2012: The Transit Timing Variation (TTV) Planet-finding Technique Begins toFlower: 41New Planets in 20 Star Systems (image)
Aug 22, 2012: NASA- 41 New Transiting Planets in Kepler Field of View
Aug 20, 2012: Kepler-38: the Galaxy’s Count of Binary Stars with Planets is Increasing*
Aug 13, 2012: Kepler: The Long Road to Other Worlds*
Jul 28, 2012: Kepler Team receives the Vision to Reality Award*
Jul 25, 2012: A far-off solar system*
Jul 20, 2012: Kepler Symposium at University of California, Berkeley*
Jul 9, 2012: Kepler Science Team to Receive ASP Maria & Eric Muhlman Award*
Jul 2, 2012: Charbonneau & Seager Awarded Sackler Prize*
Jun 23, 2012: Fifth Annual Workshop of the Kepler Asteroseismic Science Consortium*
Jun 21, 2012: Alien World Looms Large in its Neighbor World’s Sky: AstronomersDiscover Planetary Odd Couple
Jun 19, 2012: NASA’s Pleiades Supercomputer Gets A Little More Oomph*
Jun 13, 2012: Small planets do not need metal-rich stars*
Jun 7, 2012: AAS Student Virtual Forum: remotely attend the “Exoplanet Censusfrom Kepler” session*
Jun 5, 2012: Our Local Transiting Planet: Venus: LightCurve of a Planet Transiting Its Star (Animation)
May 18, 2012: NASA’s Kepler Detects Potential Evaporating Planet Candidate (Ames)
May 18, 2012: Disintegrating Super Mercury-size Planet (image)
May 13, 2012: Small Planets Don’t Need Stars with Heavy Metal Content to Form Release12-45AR
May 10, 2012: A Study of 63 Hot Jupiter Systems*
Apr 24, 2012: Earth-based Observations Lead to Planet Candidates in Habitable Zones*
Apr 23, 2012: Almost All of Kepler’s Multiple-planet Candidates Are Planets*
Apr 6, 2012: Barbara A. Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes*
Apr 5, 2012: Kepler Explorer app puts distant planets at your fingertips*
Apr 4, 2012: NASA Approves Kepler Mission Extension*
Mar 22, 2012: TheOnes Have It: KeplerMission Manager Update
Mar 21, 2012: Possible Disintegrating Short-Period Super-Mercury*
Mar 16, 2012: Kepler Mission Planet Candidates, a Family Portrait (image)
Mar 14, 2012: Compact Planetary System (image)
Mar 8, 2012: The Women of Kepler Mission*
Mar 8, 2012: Kepler Mission Wins 2012 Aviation Week Laureate Award*
Mar 7, 2012: NASA Kepler Mission To Receive John L. “Jack” Swigert Jr. Award*
Mar 6, 2012: Happy Birthday Kepler*
Mar 2, 2012: NASA’s Kepler Releases New Catalog- 2,321 Planet Candidates
Mar 2, 2012: Kepler Planet Candidates by Size, Feb. 27, 2012
Feb 28, 2012: 1,091 New Kepler Planet Candidates*
Feb 15, 2012: Black History Month Feature: Discussion With John Johnson*
Feb 10, 2012: Kepler’s Transiting Planet Systems (image)
Feb 6, 2012: Kepler Team Mourns the Loss of Janice Voss (Image: JaniceVoss with Kepler Star Field)
Jan 26, 2012: NASA’s Kepler Announces 11 Planetary Systems Hosting 26 Planets
Jan 26, 2012: Kepler’sPlanetary Systems’ Orbits (animation)
Jan 12, 2012: The Kepler-35 System (image)
Jan 11, 2012: KOI-961: A Mini-Planetary System*
Jan 11, 2012: Kepler Discovery Establishes New Class of Planetary System;NASA’sKepler Mission Finds Three Smallest Exoplanets; ‘Honey I Shrunk the Planetary System’ (image); MiniPlanetary System (image)
Jan 11, 2012: NASA Discovers New Double-Star Planet Systems
Jan 10, 2012: A New Class of Planetary Systems (image); SizingUp Exoplanets (image)
Dec 20, 2011: Kepler-20 system: 5 planets including two that are Earth-size*
Dec 19, 2011: Earth-classPlanets Line Up (image); Artist’sConcept of Kepler-20f (image); Artist’sConcept of Kepler-20e (image)
Dec 11, 2011: KeplerPlanet Sizes (image)
Dec 5, 2011: Kepler-22b: Closer to Finding an Earth (image)
Dec 5, 2011: Kepler-22b,our first planet in the habitable zone of a Sun-like Star;Digitalpress kit – 2011 Kepler-22b and 2011 Kepler Science Conference
Dec 5, 2011: Kepler-22b- Comfortably Circling within the Habitable Zone (image)
Dec 5, 2011: Digital press kit – Kepler-20 System
Nov 30, 2011: Kepler-21b discovery*
Nov 4, 2011: Discovery of Kepler-17b*
Oct 20, 2011: Bird’s Eye View of the Kepler-16 System (image)
Oct 4, 2011: Discovery of Kepler-18b, c, and d*
Sep 28, 2011: NASA’s Kepler Mission Depicted in Dell’Osso Family Farm Corn Maze*
Sep 18, 2011: Wherethe Sun Sets Twice (image)
Sep 15, 2011: NASA’s Kepler Mission Discovers a World Orbiting Two Stars
Sep 15, 2011: Kepler-16b News Conference Digital Press Kit
Sep 15, 2011: Kepler-16b: In the Light of Two Suns (image)
Sep 14, 2011: The turbulent lives of stars”
Sep 13, 2011: NASA to Announce Kepler Discovery at Media Briefing*
Sep 8, 2011: Invisible World Discovered*
Aug 12, 2011: NASA’s Kepler Mission Announces Next Data Release to Public Archive*
Aug 11, 2011: Alien World is Blacker than Coal*
Jul 25, 2011: Gemini Image Captures Elegant Beauty of Planetary Nebula Discovered byAmateur Astronomer*
Jul 20, 2011: Kepler-14b, Supergiant, is orbiting one of the stars in a binary star system*
Jul 4, 2011: Hubble Space Telescope’s One Millionth Science Observation isof Kepler-2b*
Jun 20, 2011: NASA’s Pleiades Supercomputer Ranks Among World’s Fastest*
May 25, 2011: NASA’s Kepler Yields the Next Harvest: A bounty of findings delivered atthe 218th Meeting of the AAS in Boston*
May 23, 2011: Kepler-10c and a New Method to Validate Planets: Keplerat AAS
May 15, 2011: Kepler-10 Stellar Family Portrait (image)
May 23, 2011: Kepler’s Astounding Haul of Multiple Planet Systems*
May 23, 2011: How to Learn a Star’s True Age*
Apr 7, 2011: Echoes from the depth of a red giant star*
Apr 7, 2011: Kepler discovery of a unique triply eclipsing triple star*
Apr 7, 2011: Kepler Listens to an Orchestra of Solar-Type Stars*
Mar 30, 2011: Giant stars reveal their inner secrets for the first time*
Mar 17, 2011: Astronomers detect echoes from the depth of a red giant star*
Feb 11, 2011: A tweet-up with NASA Kepler and Ames Research Center*
Feb 2, 2011: NASA’s Kepler Spacecraft Discovers Extraordinary New Planetary System
Feb 2, 2011: Kepler Planet Locations (image)
Feb 2, 2011: Kepler Planet Candidates (image)
Feb 2, 2011: Multi Planet Candidates (image)
Feb 2, 2011: An Imagined Canyon on Planet Kepler 10-b (image)
Feb 2, 2011: Imagined View from Planet Kepler 10-B (image)
Feb 1, 2011: Planet Kepler 10-B in Orbit (image)
Feb 1, 2011: Planet Kepler 10B Orbiting its Host Star (image)
Feb 1, 2011: Kepler11 Solar System Comparison (image)
Feb 1, 2011: Kepler-11 System (image)
Feb 1, 2011: Kepler Data Release*
Jan 27, 2011: NASA To Announce New Planetary Discoveries*
Jan 18, 2011: Job Opening: Kepler Support Scientist*
Jan 10, 2011: NASA’s Kepler Mission Discovers Its First Rocky Planet Release 11-007
Jan 10, 2011: Kepler-10b: A Scorched World (image)
Jan 9, 2011: NASA Chat with Kepler Scientist, Natalie Batalha*
Dec 22, 2010: NASA Hosts Planet-Finding Tweetup in California’s Silicon Valley*
Dec 16, 2010: New Zooniverse project: Planet Hunters!*
Nov 10, 2010: Announcement of Earlier Kepler Data Release—from June 2011 to 1 February2011
From AAS Electronic Announcement #214 – November 2010*
Nov 5, 2010: American Astronomical Society gives award to Kepler PI Bill Borucki and DeputyPI Dave Koch*
Nov 5, 2010: Beth Sholes Honored by Society of Women Engineers with Resnik ChallengerMedal*
Oct 26, 2010: NASA’s Kepler Spacecraft Takes the Pulse of Distant Stars*
Oct 22, 2010: International Team of Astronomers to Discuss Kepler Findings*
Oct 14, 2010: 2010 Sagan Day Essay Contest*
Oct 4, 2010: Release 10-245: NASA’s Kepler Mission wins 2010 software of the year award.*
Oct 1, 2010: Kepler Mission Research Paper Honored by Thomson Reuters*
Oct 1, 2010: Kepler-9: A System of Multiple Planets Transiting a Sun-Like Star, Confirmedby Timing Variations*
Aug 26, 2010: Kepler Discovers Two Planets Transiting Same Star*
Aug 24, 2010: Artist’s Concept of Kepler 9 (image)
Aug 23, 2010: Transit Signature of a Multi-Planet System (image)
Aug 23, 2010: Press Conference for LATEST FINDINGS by Kepler: Kepler-9(image)
Aug 2, 2010: Statement from the Kepler Science Council*
Jul 27, 2010: Earth-size is not Earth-like: the TED Talk by Dimitar Sasselov*
Jun 16, 2010: Deluge of Data*
Jun 15, 2010: First 43 Days of Kepler Data Released*
Jun 1, 2010: 1st Kepler Science Conference*
Apr 13, 2010: Kepler Website Honored*
Mar 4, 2010: Kepler One Year Anniversary*
Jan 5, 2010: Kepler Receives Systems Engineering Award*
Jan 4, 2010: The First Five: NASA’sKepler Space Telescope Discovers Its First Five Exoplanets
Jan 3, 2010: Light Curves of Kepler’s First 5 Discoveries (image)
Jan 3, 2010: Kepler’s First Five Exoplanets (image)
Dec 31, 2009: The Big Reveal*
Nov 23, 2009: Kepler experienced a safe mode event on November 18*
Nov 6, 2009: Kepler’s Search for Small Worlds Hampered by Noisy Electronics*
Aug 6, 2009: First Phase*
Aug 3, 2009: NASA Announces Briefing About Kepler’s Early Science Results*
2009 Nov 20: Science Magazines Honor Cutting-Edge NASA Programs – Release: 09-276*
2009 Aug 6: NASA’S Kepler Mission Spies Changing Phases in a Distant World*
2009 Aug 5: HATP7b Light Curves-Magnified (image)
2009 Aug 5: HATP7b Light Curves (image)
2009 Aug 5: Habitable Planet Zone (image)
2009 Aug 3: NASA Announces Briefing About Kepler’s Early Science Results*
2009 May 13: KEPLER MISSION STATUS REPORT – 2009-084 – Let the Planet Hunt Begin*
2009 April 16: NEWS Release: 2009-067– NASA’SKEPLER CAPTURES FIRST VIEWS OF PLANET-HUNTING TERRITORY; Zoomingin on Kepler’s Field of View (image)
2009 April 15: Images— WhereKepler Sees; Kepler’sDiamond Mine of StarsClusterof Stars in Kepler’s SightHostto ‘Hot Jupiter’ (labeled)Hostto ‘Hot Jupiter’KeplerEyes Cluster and Known Planet
2009 April 7: NEWS Release: 2009-065 – DUST COVER JETTISONED FROM NASA’S KEPLER TELESCOPE; Kepler’s Full Field of View (image)
2009 April 7: 14: 00 UTC – Distance toKepler: 3,064,000 km; 1,904,000 mi; 0.02 AU; 7.97 times the distanceto the Moon.:
2009 April 3: Kepler’s Primary Mirror (image)
2009 Mar 9: Kepler Lifts Off! (image)
2009 Mar 6: Kepler Mission Rockets to Space in Search of Other Earths. Science@NASA*
2009 Mar 6: Images—Kepler Mission Star FieldArtist’s Rendering Of Kepler’s Target Region In The Milky WayKepler’s LaunchKepler Launch in 2009 (image)
2009 Mar 5: Images—Delta SoarsReadyto Roar (image)
2009 Mar 3: Kepler Prepared for Launch (image)
Mar 1, 2009: Images—Technicians Connect FairingKeplerLeaves AstrotechKeplerJoins 3rd Stage
2009 Feb 26: NASA’s Kepler Telescope to Launch Aboard Delta II Rocket*
2009 Feb 25: NASA Tradition Continues from Generation to Generation*
2009 Feb 25: Milwaukee Native Helps NASA Search for Earth-Size Planets*
2009 Feb 20: Kepler Mission to Hunt for Earth-like Planets. Science@NASA*
2009 Feb 19: NASA’sKepler Mission to Seek Other Earths. NASA Release: 09-035. : TechsCheck Out Kepler (image)
2009 Jan 6: The Kepler Flight Segment arrived in Florida for launch processing at the Astrotech facility near Kennedy Space Center (KSC). You can follow the processing of Kepler and the launch vehicle by way of photos posted on the KSC photo page: Kepler Spacecraft Arrives (image)
2008 Dec 18: Release : 08-111AR. NASA’s Kepler Spacecraft Ready to Ship to Florida*
2009 Dec 17: NASA’s Kepler Spacecraft Ready to Ship to Florida (image)
2009 Nov 9: Kepler Solar Array Assembly (image)
2008 Sep 23: NASA’s Kepler Spacecraft Baked and Ready for More Tests*